Morristown Upgrade, Stage II

Tower climber

Dave installs Stage I…

The equipment needed for stage II of the Morristown bandwidth upgrade arrives this week, and we plan to be installing it on either Thursday or Friday morning.

This is the gear needed to complete the “full link” upgrade of our feed from Wickenburg, providing additional bandwidth to our east-end subscribers over and above the “half link” upgrade installed four weeks ago.

Subscribers served by east-end towers may see some short service burps and lower performance for roughly a 20-minute period sometime between the hours of 9:00 AM and noon, as our network compensates for the temporarily missing link by routing Wickenburg traffic over slower alternate routes.

Subscribers of these towers will be affected:

  • Morristown
  • Skip-In Ranch
  • Castle Hot Springs
  • 251st Avenue
  • Dixileta

We’ll post a brief notice like this one once we are certain of the day of installation.

Skip-In Ranch Tower Work

The neighborhood resident host of our tower that serves Skip-In Ranch has scheduled roofing work on his property from Wednesday, June 10 through Friday, June 12. Roofers will be working and walking around our antenna equipment during that period, which may result in interference ranging from short speed slowdowns to intermittent loss of connection. We ask your indulgence during this period. Please feel free to phone us at 623-640-7883 if you experience a loss of service exceeding five minutes, and we will work to address whatever the issue may be.

Scheduled Outage Noon Tue. 1/6

The Mockingbird Tower will be taken out of service for around 10-15 minutes between noon and 1 PM on Tuesday, January 6, in order to replace our Mockingbird West access point with a fresh radio card. We hope this will help address the dropout and throughput problems being reported by our west Wickenburg subscribers in the vicinity of North and South Vulture Mine Road.

Robust or Bust!

Last Friday, we completed the upgrade of Castle Hot Springs tower, activating the redundant transmission link between that tower and 251st Avenue. All subscribers on our network are now immune to the failure of any single transmission link.

In conjunction with grounding improvements at Mockingbird Tower, which has eliminated our “every three months” radio replacement problem there, and the recent power supply upgrade and firewall review at our Wickenburg gateway, our network is now exhibiting higher reliability than ever before.

Thank you for continuing to allow us to be your broadband services provider.


Let’s Do The Twist

Our workday started off today with outage notification voice-mails from many far-west Wickenburg subscribers. A quick check of our far-west tower radio showed it operating normally, and other subscribers in the area were operating just fine. Though unlikely, we had to conclude that something had affected all the individual subscriber radios simultaneously.

When we drove out to the west end of town, the cause of those outages was immediately apparent to us.  Continue reading

Fixing Our Far West Wickenburg Service Issues

For the past week or so, WIckenburg subscribers west of Country Club have been experiencing extreme slowdowns and service outages. We have been working on the problem for several days, making configuration improvements and uncovering and reporting various manufacturer firmware bugs, but our efforts had no effect on the speed problems we were seeing on the network.

Today, we were able to schedule the prompt attentions of MikroTik consultant Butch Evans, who carefully combed through our configuration looking for the cause of the slowdown. His conclusion: we are seeing noise (interference) problems of a sort that don’t show up in the usual meters. Continue reading