Ring out the old…

Today is a day of change at Grand Avenue Broadband.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve built and grown the network that serves you, from my initial Morristown windmill “tower” serving a handful of neighbors, to a utility-grade operation providing continuous service to 200 residences in three towns and two counties. Creating and operating this network has been rewarding, educational, and increasingly intense, having essentially morphed into a 24/7 critical public utility being run entirely by one person. 

Our network has now exceeded what can adequately be maintained by a single, self-educated engineer. On top of this, I’m less physically able to continue doing some of the leg and ladder work that this career requires, and my wife and I are yearning to experience some of the obligation-free leisure that comes with retirement.

Starting today, Grand Avenue Broadband will be owned and operated by Chisholm Wildermuth and Ryan Perkins of CBWE Communications — two young, experienced consulting network engineers with operational backgrounds in running other wireless Internet service providers. (I’ll let them provide you a more thorough introduction in an upcoming blog posting.)

Chisholm and Ryan will be bringing experience, energy, enthusiasm, additional staffing, business acumen, and solid technical chops to the operation of Grand Avenue Broadband. They will be applying their significant talents to addressing improvements in network performance, availability, efficiency, and similar areas where scaling-up issues have become evident over the past year.

Please make note of the following new phone number (preferably on the front of your subscriber packet): (928) 427-1644. This is the only number which you as an established subscriber should call from now on to obtain technical assistance, account assistance, or general customer service. (My voice mail at the former number will remind you of this new number in case you misplace it.)

I want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal subscribers, tower hosts, suppliers, installers (particularly Dave G., for years of talented service), supporters, my family, and our neighbors from Wittmann to Wickenburg for their invaluable contribution towards making Grand Avenue Broadband the successful operation it is today.

Thank you all ever so much,
C D Tavares