About GrandAveBB

CD owns and operates Grand Avenue Broadband, a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) in a rural Sonoran Desert area of Arizona.

Nationwide Service Provider Issues

Monday July 8th 2019, 1:47pm MST – Please be advised that we continue to track a nationwide Internet event involving CenturyLink. Grand Avenue Broadband systems are healthy; however, the Internet connectivity between us and the greater internet infrastructure is impaired. This event is affecting large sections of the internet, and many popular websites.  We are closely monitoring the situation. For a status on the event, we encourage you to refer to http://downdetector.com or more specifically, https://downdetector.com/status/centurylink/map/

Tuesday July 9th 2019, 9:10am MST – Grand Avenue Broadband is no longer seeing Latency caused by Century Link’s issue yesterday. We are continuing to monitor the situation for any further issues or developments.

Ring out the old…

Today is a day of change at Grand Avenue Broadband.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve built and grown the network that serves you, from my initial Morristown windmill “tower” serving a handful of neighbors, to a utility-grade operation providing continuous service to 200 residences in three towns and two counties. Creating and operating this network has been rewarding, educational, and increasingly intense, having essentially morphed into a 24/7 critical public utility being run entirely by one person. 

Our network has now exceeded what can adequately be maintained by a single, self-educated engineer. On top of this, I’m less physically able to continue doing some of the leg and ladder work that this career requires, and my wife and I are yearning to experience some of the obligation-free leisure that comes with retirement.

Starting today, Grand Avenue Broadband will be owned and operated by Chisholm Wildermuth and Ryan Perkins of CBWE Communications — two young, experienced consulting network engineers with operational backgrounds in running other wireless Internet service providers. (I’ll let them provide you a more thorough introduction in an upcoming blog posting.)

Chisholm and Ryan will be bringing experience, energy, enthusiasm, additional staffing, business acumen, and solid technical chops to the operation of Grand Avenue Broadband. They will be applying their significant talents to addressing improvements in network performance, availability, efficiency, and similar areas where scaling-up issues have become evident over the past year.

Please make note of the following new phone number (preferably on the front of your subscriber packet): (928) 427-1644. This is the only number which you as an established subscriber should call from now on to obtain technical assistance, account assistance, or general customer service. (My voice mail at the former number will remind you of this new number in case you misplace it.)

I want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal subscribers, tower hosts, suppliers, installers (particularly Dave G., for years of talented service), supporters, my family, and our neighbors from Wittmann to Wickenburg for their invaluable contribution towards making Grand Avenue Broadband the successful operation it is today.

Thank you all ever so much,
C D Tavares

Followup: Q Lies

It appears that the manufacturer’s queueing bug was indeed slowing down a significant number of subscribers.

After “rejuvenating” the queues on the bulk of our towers by hand yesterday, our bandwidth usage at peak hour reached a new all-time high of 25% more than our previous record. This is gateway bandwidth that has always been “available” for users, and we’re very pleased now to see that it has at last become accessible.

We’ve also installed the scripting code to perform automated queue rejuvenation monthly on all towers, so this OS bug should not be silently biting us ever again.

Upgrade trifecta

Dave works his magic on our 251st Avenue tower.

Today’s upgrades were uniformly satisfying.

We added significant bandwidth to feed Skip-In Ranch and all the towers in Morristown; plus additional bandwidth to Mockingbird and Rio Vista towers; plus increased bandwidth between the Morristown hub and the 251st Avenue and Castle Hot Springs towers.

In addition, we installed a new northward-facing AP on the 251st Avenue tower to serve the growing number of subscribers located on the east side of Castle Hot Springs Road who can’t access their nearest neighborhood tower (Castle Hot Springs) due to an intervening hill. These subscribers are now benefiting from 8-10dB better signal (about eight times the previous signal), as well as the additional bandwidth available at their tower.

We also corrected a mysterious configuration gremlin that was causing decreased signal to our subscribers in Grantham Ranch.

We hope today’s work will make your Internet experience more enjoyable.

Morristown upgrade Friday morning; possible Mockingbird upgrade Friday afternoon

Just a brief notification that the upgrade work to the WIckenburg/Morristown link is scheduled for tomorrow morning (Friday) between 9:00 and noon.

Depending entirely on time available, it is possible that similar upgrade work may be performed on the Wickenburg/Mockingbird link sometime in the afternoon, to provide even more bandwidth there. This would temporarily affect network performance to all the towers mentioned in our previous notification, with the addition of Mockingbird and Rio Vista towers.

Thank you for being a part of Grand Avenue Broadband.


Morristown Upgrade, Stage II

Tower climber

Dave installs Stage I…

The equipment needed for stage II of the Morristown bandwidth upgrade arrives this week, and we plan to be installing it on either Thursday or Friday morning.

This is the gear needed to complete the “full link” upgrade of our feed from Wickenburg, providing additional bandwidth to our east-end subscribers over and above the “half link” upgrade installed four weeks ago.

Subscribers served by east-end towers may see some short service burps and lower performance for roughly a 20-minute period sometime between the hours of 9:00 AM and noon, as our network compensates for the temporarily missing link by routing Wickenburg traffic over slower alternate routes.

Subscribers of these towers will be affected:

  • Morristown
  • Skip-In Ranch
  • Castle Hot Springs
  • 251st Avenue
  • Dixileta

We’ll post a brief notice like this one once we are certain of the day of installation.

Network performance improves

Our recent project to improve the bandwidth of both the Mockingbird/Rio Vista and Skip-In Ranch/Morristown backhaul routes has been successful and gratifying. Installation of improved equipment on the Wickenburg end of both links turned out to be sufficient to reach our immediate target, leaving a future opportunity for further improvement when necessary by installing matching upgrades at the far ends of both links. 

Today’s project to improve signal and bandwidth to our newer customers in Grantham Ranch and the Rincon corridor east of the river was also particularly successful. That area is now served by a new dedicated directional access point located at our downtown gateway.

In spite of all the technical challenges, we are continually installing improvements to help keep our Internet service one you would be proud to recommend. Thank you for your patience and for your support.


Do not adjust your credit card…

An apparent brain bubble at our credit card processor caused all subscribers billed on the first of the month (today) to receive notices that their cards declined payment.

Please do not worry; there is no actual problem with your cards.

The bank’s computer apparently timed out trying to communicate with someone else’s system overnight, and all of today’s charge attempts failed. Our processing service is working on the problem, and have assured us they will straighten it out promptly.

Work continues Wednesday 20th

Last Wednesday’s installment in our bandwidth improvement effort surpassed our expectations. Despite the fact that we had only enough time to deploy half the planned link (due to the structural enhancements we had to add to the tower to handle the heavier equipment), we managed to increase bandwidth to Mockingbird tower significantly via its backup link, plus we determined that the leftover half of the high-speed link could be more effectively employed elsewhere. 

Tomorrow, we hope to be able to install improved equipment on the inbound side of both our Skip-In link (the main line to Morristown and all points east) and our primary link to Mockingbird Tower. As this involves some high-tower work, it will be slower, and some of the transitions may be less than smooth.

Although our existing redundant paths help ensure that your Internet availability will never be entirely severed, you may experience some “brownouts” as our system determines in real time that primary paths have gone black, and temporarily switches to secondary paths that will serve some of our towers somewhat more slowly. Short of unplanned disaster, the perturbations should not persist past 5 PM.

Thank you for your patience as we work to bring speedier Internet access to our ever-growing network of subscribers.