Followup: Q Lies

It appears that the manufacturer’s queueing bug was indeed slowing down a significant number of subscribers.

After “rejuvenating” the queues on the bulk of our towers by hand yesterday, our bandwidth usage at peak hour reached a new all-time high of 25% more than our previous record. This is gateway bandwidth that has always been “available” for users, and we’re very pleased now to see that it has at last become accessible.

We’ve also installed the scripting code to perform automated queue rejuvenation monthly on all towers, so this OS bug should not be silently biting us ever again.

3 thoughts on “Followup: Q Lies

  1. Just wanted you to know that my internet has been running between 9 and 15 Mbps, day and night, consistently. I am obsessive about using But it looks like changing that table file has nipped this one in the bud. Ed

  2. I have never had a service provider keep me updated like you do. Your competitors have a high hurdle to overcome when it comes to my satisfaction with your company. Thank you. I know you work hard to provide us with great service at a reasonable price. Your efforts are appreciated.

    Ray Kraatz

  3. Glad to know that hopefully I’ll be able to watch some prime shows that lack of bandwidth did not let me watch. B

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