Speedup schedule

Here’s the status of the speed improvement activity we undertook last week, and a look at improvements we have scheduled in the very near future.

Thursday, after noodling with our consultant for several hours, he managed to squeeze about a 20% improvement out of some of our critical inter-tower links, and taught us how to apply the same techniques ourselves to our noncritical ones. We were rewarded by seeing our total gateway bandwidth draw increase by 15-20% the very first night (though of course this increase was perceptible only at certain towers).

His recommendation for the feeds out of our gateway tower to Mockingbird and Morristown (via Skip-In Ranch) were that we were at the limits of our current equipment given the increasingly noisy environment downtown, and that it was time for an upgrade.

We’ve already placed our first order for new link equipment, and expect to begin rolling out the improvements after next weekend (because it’s Gold Rush Weekend, when getting any serious work done in town is next to impossible). 

Because of the equipment cost, its novelty to us, and in order to avoid interruptions to an operational service, we plan to phase in the equipment in a structured but roundabout manner — first beefing up some of the non-critical “backup” links, which we will then use to carry traffic during the short period in which the critical links are out of service being replaced. This approach has the side benefit of allowing us to use the replaced equipment to upgrade some of our shorter links (Constellation, County Line, and 251st Avenue are on our shortlist) with equipment better than what is there now.

The entire project is envisioned to take between one and two months to complete. We’ll keep you advised on our progress as we replace equipment and improve service to specific towers.

Once again, thank you for your patience as we grow and improve.

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