Does your PC have worms?

Our wholesale bandwidth provider, CenturyLink, has informed us that one or more of our subscribers is running a Windows PC infected with the Conficker (also called Downadup) worm, which is making attempts to spread from our network into their equipment. CenturyLink has asked us to provide our subscribers with the following notification:

CenturyLink recommends that you patch all Windows operating systems, as described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067. In the event that you are unable to update your antivirus program to remove the worm, you may need to seek assistance from a computer professional to effectively remove the worm and update your antivirus protection. Please note that you may need to reinstall updated antivirus software after the worm is removed to restore protection.

If you’re running a PC, please take the time to download and run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool, and follow up by downloading and installing all outstanding upgrades to whatever antivirus package you use. Old versions of Windows (notably XP or older) are particularly vulnerable to this infection.

Conficker does not infect MacOS, Linux, smartphones, tablets, or smart devices.

Thank you for your cooperation.

3 thoughts on “Does your PC have worms?

  1. Thanks, I concur with the previous comment about your transparency and desire to protect your product and customers. Safe here as we have all Mac products.

    We have had highly inconsistent speeds for the last 6-8 weeks – but am thinking you are aware due to the security lapse with router software that you are working on. Please keep us informed – thanks for your efforts,as the battle never ends.

    • Turns out that your particular roof unit was going wonky. It failed to survive a diagnostic reinitialization today, so we replaced it. You should be all set now.

  2. Thank you for watching out for us. Providing the link to Microsoft was great, save us from looking for the software to download.

    Thank YOU AGAIN, Grand Ave Broadband is the best and this once again proves why.

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