The Wrenched Connection

Each week, we get one or two “my Internet doesn’t work” calls from subscribers. Unless we’ve had a recent weather event (such as a wind or lightning storm), the cause is almost always never our network or equipment. Even more regrettable is when a subscriber calls to tell us their Internet has been down for a day or more, when simple remedial action by the subscriber could have restored service immediately.

Here’s a brief refresher on what to do before calling us for service:

  1. If you see your wireless network name active (usually “AirYourLastName”), your device needs to be connected to it (yes, people forget this). If your device is not wireless, the cable between it and your network connection point (often your WiFi access point) needs to be plugged in securely at both ends.
  2. If you don’t see your wireless network name active, the problem is at your WiFi access point, which is customer-owned equipment. It needs to be plugged securely into a working power outlet, and showing one or more active LEDs. We can reconfigure or replace misbehaving units during a standard service call.
  3. Check your cable connections. The through-the-wall entry cable should be plugged firmly into its power supply connector, the power transformer firmly in the wall outlet, and the outlet needs to be live (no tripped breaker or wall-switched outlet). Pets are often culprits here, especially if they are chewers.
  4. If everything is tight (and unchewed), refer to the section in your subscriber packet called “Troubleshooting your connection,” under the big orange box. (You can always access the most current edition online.) Follow the instructions to remove power from your roof unit for 20 seconds, then restore it. This will clear infrequent problems we sometimes encounter with radio jams or versioning issues.
  5. After each of these steps, give the equipment one or two minutes to come up to speed before checking to see whether you have regained connectivity. If all else fails, then feel free to place a call to us to find out where the problem is and schedule a service call, if necessary.

Keep in mind that service calls that turn out not to be due to faults in our equipment or ingress cabling are chargeable. Help us minimize these calls, and help yourself get back on the Internet much more promptly than waiting on us.

Thank you for using Grand Avenue Broadband.  Have a wonderful 2018!

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