Good news (for a change)

As a result of a long-term project accomplished earlier this week, subscribers are now seeing faster speeds and improved response times. Most subscribers are experiencing sustained speeds exceeding their contract limits (some are seeing double their contract limit), with an additional speed boost layered on top whenever possible for brief, non-sustained transactions such as web surfing. 

To reach this goal, we experimentally determined the best-performing protocols between all our major towers (different for each link). We installed new, gigabit-capable router and radio equipment on our most heavily subscribed towers. We created a high-capacity “information Autobahn” to route traffic destined for Morristown and points east exclusively via our Skip-In Ranch tower, relieving our Mockingbird and Rio Vista tower links of passing any Morristown traffic, and freeing up their entire link bandwidth for direct use by Mockingbird and Rio Vista subscribers. (Of course, in emergency situations such as equipment failure or power outage, any of our links always remain available as backup routes for traffic going anywhere until the emergency is resolved.)

We’re happy to be able to report that our maximum gateway bandwidth utilization has immediately jumped nearly 50% from our previously-achievable maximum. That’s a fair chunk of additional simultaneous bandwidth that has been unavailable to our subscribers until now.

The one thing that we didn’t increase is your monthly subscription fee. These new speed limits are our gift to our subscribers.

Of course, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that this speedier service will not immediately be available to every single subscriber. In particular, subscribers who:

  • are unusually distant from or have obstructed lines of sight to their serving towers, or
  • are served by neighborhood POPs with distant or obstructed feeds (in particular, County Line and Diamondback)

…may see only a slight improvement, or potentially no improvement at all, because we still haven’t figured out how to repeal the laws of physics.

But we are not writing off these subscribers. We’re constantly scouting advantageous geographical vantage points within our service area, with an eye to delivering stronger and clearer signal to currently obstructed areas of Morristown and Wickenburg — both those we currently serve and those where we’d like to make service available. And while that type of improvement doesn’t happen swiftly, it happens… as I hope today’s announcement illustrates.

We’re pleased as punch to be able to deliver you this good news, and we hope to be able to deliver more in the near future.

Thank you all for choosing Grand Avenue Broadband.

2 thoughts on “Good news (for a change)

  1. We had been seeing very good speeds in July/August, but for the last 7-10 day perhaps, we’ve had the inverse effect – more like 2.5 Mbps down and .5 up from the Constellation tower, which we have a very close a direct LOS pathway toward. The weather patterns may play a role, but we are hoping the downturn is temporary. Overall the service has exceeded expectation and has performed better than advertised, for which we are indeed very please!

    • I believe there is a misunderstanding here. Your account is served from County Line Tower, a literal stone’s throw from you; not Constellation, which is three miles across town and obstructed by the hill that County Line Tower sits on. We’re aware of County Line’s speed problem, as we mentioned, and are busy working on ways to alleviate it.

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