Home security simplified

Grand Avenue Broadband has been authorized to offer our subscribers a discount on the wireless video security products manufactured by Ring.com.


Ring’s doorbell products pipe their rings directly to your smartphone(s), allowing you to see who is at the door, and communicate with them just as if you had a custom intercom system… except that your end of the intercom is always with you, in your pocket. They also respond to motion, so you can track activity in the vicinity of your unit even if the button is never pushed. All video (the units include both daylight and night infrared) is transmitted to a personal cloud account over WiFi, so you can review activity from prior events, even activity that happened when your phone was off or had no cell service. The doorbells can be wired to your existing transformer, mounted on the wall and run from their internal rechargeable battery, or hooked up to an optional solar panel to stay fully charged.

Ring also offers Stick-Up Cams (all the features of the doorbell without the button); Spotlight and Floodlight Cams; and wireless Chimes, which can be configured to respond to any Ring doorbell or camera — regardless of whether they are local, located on a vacation property in another state, or even overseas. You can authorize multiple family members or friends to receive and respond to events occurring at any unit you control.

Best of all, you can interact with any visitor exactly as if you were currently in residence at that location (hence their motto, “Always Home”).

Our own Ring units have already paid dividends: a few months after installing Ring security equipment at our unmanned gateway location in Wickenburg, we became a victim of an incident of theft and criminal vandalism occurring in the wee hours, while our phones were off. The next day, with the video evidence in hand, the police were able to identify and apprehend the thief within three hours, and return our property. These days, that’s an edge everybody should have.

You can get $25 off any of Ring’s products by using the coupon code 7GABB at the ring.com website.

Disclosure: two of our family members are top-level troubleshooters for Ring. (That has certainly had its benefits for the occasions when expert tech support is required!)

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