Mockingbird Issues Probed

Today’s status for Mockingbird Tower subscribers…

We had a marathon four-hour telephone diagnostic session with our consultant today, most of which I spent on a hilltop in today’s wonderful Arizona weather, with my laptop jacked directly into Mockingbird Tower. We also ran tests from two subscriber sites, one served by the central antenna, one served by the west antenna.

So far, the consultant has come to the same conclusion we have: there is no discernible RF problem, and there is no discernible routing problem. There is plenty of bandwidth available to the tower, but it’s not making its way out to subscribers. Maddeningly, it seems to be having no problem making its way through and beyond the tower to serve subscribers of Rio Vista tower.

The front-runner on our list of remaining possibilities is that the problem is board-related: either the main router unit at Mockingbird has gone sour in a truly obscure way, or a recent update to the manufacturer firmware has introduced unintended side-effects on that model board. (The Mockingbird router is the only one of its particular model in our network. It has been one of MikroTIk’s most powerful outdoor-capable units, and until last week, there was no adequate replacement model for it. We did back out recent software updates as a test, with no improvement to subscribers; but once updated as part of a new software release, the board firmware itself cannot be backed out.)

As we mentioned previously, a more powerful replacement for this router is now being stocked, and we expect to receive one tomorrow (Friday). Our plan is to configure and install it with all possible urgency, either Friday evening or Saturday morning. We’re hoping that this will result in our mysterious problem mysteriously disappearing.

In the meanwhile, we apologize for your deteriorated user experience, and we truly appreciate your continuing forbearance.

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