Leave the light on for us

Just another reminder to our seasonal subscribers not to shut the power off on their rooftop receivers, if at all possible, when they leave for the season.

Our network is always undergoing improvements in performance and reliability, as well as expansion. Certain of these improvements require reaching into all our subscribers’ roof units and making coordinated changes between them and the towers that serve them. If you turn your equipment off for the summer season, we won’t be able to update your unit. When you return here, you may find your account’s configuration six months behind everyone else’s, and your service may not be immediately operational.

Your internet equipment uses less power then an incandescent night-light or a single Christmas-tree bulb. Please leave it powered up. Thank you!

Brief outage Friday midnight

This announcement affects only subscribers of our towers located in Morristown and Wittmann. Subscribers of towers located in Wickenburg (including “postal Wickenburg”) will not be affected.

We are replacing the Network Operations Center router in Morristown with a faster and more powerful model. There will be a brief network interruption on the order of 10-30 minutes just after midnight Friday night (i.e., Saturday morning) to cut over power and cabling to the new router.