Minor disruption tomorrow for speed increase

Our network will experience one or more brief outages between 7:30 and 9:30 AM tomorrow (Friday, 1/6), as CenturyLink pulls the trigger on a major speed increase for our service.

We’ve been working on this upgrade order with CenturyLink since early December, when we determined that our recent explosive growth was projected to exceed our bandwidth ceiling in about 60 days. We actually began pressing up against our current ceiling on New Year’s Eve, resulting in bandwidth contention during peak periods for the past week. Fortunately, CenturyLink was able to beat its own projected deadline to get the upgrades in place for us in time for cutover tomorrow morning.

Although we had high-speed fiber run in early 2016 between the CenturyLink offices and our gateway facility building, this week’s order involved copper-to-fiber-speed upgrades of both the dedicated circuit feed inside CenturyLink’s Wickenburg office, and the main feed cable between CenturyLink’s demarc and our own equipment within our gateway facility. Now that our entire dedicated circuit will be capable of fiber speeds end to end, future speed upgrades should be a matter of CenturyLink tweaking a software limiter, with no further cutovers, outages, or physical engineering lead time necessary.

We’d like to thank all our subscribers for contributing to the continued healthy growth of our service. We’re going to work to continue providing us service you are proud to recommend.

2 thoughts on “Minor disruption tomorrow for speed increase

    • Tomorrow’s boost won’t affect the speed of individual accounts — just the aggregate bandwidth available to all subscribers as a whole. We weren’t hitting our aggregate bandwidth ceiling until New Year’s Eve, so if individual accounts see any improvement it would just be due to elimination of slowdowns during peak periods that they may have noticed within the past week.

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