Brief outages at Diamondback Tower

The demand for service from Diamondback Tower (neighborhood POP), over just the few months it has been available, has been both surprising and gratifying. Because of the fast subscriber growth on this tower, we’ll be spending most of tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/18) replacing the small-neighborhood service equipment with a more sophisticated three-unit tower capable of delivering a cleaner signal and more efficient service to the entire northern North Vulture Mine area.

We’ll be relocating the existing unit a few feet away, and leaving it in operation while we erect the improved tower. We’ll perform the cutover once the new tower is ready for service. Subscribers should see only two or three outages throughout the day of about a minute or two each as cables have to be extended and reconnected, and the old tower feed has to be re-aimed at its new location..

Our thanks to all our Diamondback subscribers for helping make our neighborhood venture there such a rousing success.