Internet on Vacation

Now that we’re well into the the time of year when our seasonal residents close up their winter homes in preparation for their trips north, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind our seasonal subscribers to please leave their rooftop internet radios powered on while they’re away, if at all possible.

Ongoing network maintenance and expansion can sometimes involve coordinated configuration changes to every subscriber unit on a given tower. If your unit is powered on— even when you’re not there to use it — we can make those changes and keep your unit on speaking terms with our network. If we can’t access your radio because it’s powered off, when you return to Arizona you may find your internet non-operational until we can schedule a “truck roll” to your location.

The average radio unit we have in service requires about seven watts to operate — that’s as much electricity as a standard incandescent night light.  We hope you’ll agree it’s a small cost for an internet service that is ready for operation any time you need it.

Thank you!