Upcoming CenturyLink outages

CenturyLink added a new planned outage today for May 4, to repair equipment at their Phoenix interchange. To make tracking easier, here is a consolidated list of their outage plans so far:

April 26 3 AM 4 AM 1 hour
May 4 midnight 1 AM 1 hour
May 5 midnight 2 AM 2 hours

As with all CenturyLink outage schedules, the actual outage may or may not begin precisely at the scheduled time or last for the entire time reserved. Each of these outages will probably impede our subscribers’ ability to access the internet during the period of the actual maintenance.

Update: CenturyLink Outages

CenturyLink has changed the scheduled time of their April 26 outage at the Beardsley interchange to between 3:00-4:00 AM.

In addition, they’ve scheduled an additional outage of up to two hours on May 5 to correct the same equipment defect at the Phoenix interchange, between midnight and 2:00 AM.

Both these outages are expected to interrupt the operation of Grand Avenue Broadband’s network service during some or all of the periods specified.