Skip-In Ranch upgrade postponed

Due to an unexpected “infant-mortality” failure of our new PowerBox router unit (and no more spares in stock), we are postponing tomorrow’s scheduled upgrade to Skip-In Ranch tower. We expect to be able to reschedule this work late next week after replacement equipment arrives. In the meanwhile, we’ll be looking forward to participating in this year’s Gold Rush festivities (wave if you see us)!

Plus a Public Service Announcement

We’ve been made aware of a serious increase in reports of “tech support scams” by both our computer service customers and our network subscribers. If you’re interested in finding out what is out there, how to avoid being taken in, and what you can do if you already have been, please read this article in our sister blog.

Planned outage, Feb. 24 (wee hours)

CenturyLink has just informed us that they will be taking our network gateway offline for up to 90 minutes sometime between midnight and 6 AM on Wednesday, February 24 (two weeks away), to perform an upgrade on CenturyLink’s own network. This means that the greater internet will be unreachable by our subscribers during this 90-minute period.

Skip-In Ranch tower outage Thursday

With our knotty gateway speed problems finally conquered, we’re finally able to lavish some lovin’ on our next most needy tower: Skip-In Ranch.

Thursday morning, we’re going to be replacing the current 2012-vintage station router with a brand-new PowerBox, swapping out the subscriber antenna for the same model of dual-polarity omni that has been serving us so well at Mockingbird and Rio Vista towers, and elevating and guying the mast for a stronger and more error-free signal.

The outage should run roughly a half hour, and will affect only those subscribers directly served by that tower — traffic to Morristown towers will automatically reroute through our Rio Vista link.

Speaking of outages…

Yesterday’s 9:10-to-11:15 total service outage was caused by the local CenturyLink office “inadvertently disconnecting [our] port.” Thanks to subscribers who called in promptly to inform us of the problem, we were able to file a trouble ticket with CenturyLink by 9:25.

We continue to pursue the establishment of a second, independent gateway on the Morristown end of our network that will enable our service to “ride out” these rare single-point-of-failure outages.