Skip-In Ranch: Unscheduled outages

Our Skip-In Ranch tower host is having major residential renovation performed. This has led to a half dozen or so outages to Skip-In Ranch tower subscribers over the past several weeks, as workmen turn off circuit breakers, work on the roof in the vicinity of our mast, or remove and replace our indoor equipment for framing, drywall, and painting work. (Subscribers of our Morristown towers may experience micro-outages when any existing sessions through the Skip-In Ranch long link reroute through the Mockingbird long link.)

We’ve successfully educated the foreman about what breakers and components interrupt our service, to the point where at least the workmen no longer disable us indefinitely. Although we still don’t get advance notification of these outages, they do take pains to keep them as brief as possible. We’re all hoping that this renovation progresses quickly and completes soon.

Planned outage: Morristown West

Our Morristown West access point will be taken out of service for approximately 20 minutes tomorrow morning (Saturday, October 3) within the period from 9:00 and 10:00 AM, to replace a radio card that is losing receive sensitivity. The Morristown West AP serves Morristown Tower subscribers located generally “clockwise” of the line between the tower and Fenway Park Orchards.