Success close behind; progress close ahead

Our new equipment at Rio Vista Tower, like our new equipment at Mockingbird tower, has been meeting and exceeding all our expectations. We’re seeing greatly improved signal strength and effective bandwidth to every one of our subscribers on those towers.

According to CenturyLink’s schedule (and supported by visual verification today), new fiber has been pulled to the utility pole nearest our Wickenburg gateway. The next week or so will be spent establishing a physical service entrance to the building, and configuring and testing the new CenturyLink fiber equipment. We are hoping to be able to cut over to the new gateway sometime during the first full week of October. This gateway will provide us twice the bandwidth to the greater Internet as we currently have, and will be expandable for even more speed beyond that. We’re looking forward to this improvement, and we know you are too!

Thank you for using Grand Avenue Broadband.

Saturday’s upgrade schedule

Subscribers served by Rio Vista Tower will experience an outage of about a half hour on Saturday morning (9/19) sometime between 9:00 and 11:00, as we replace the tower’s router and antenna equipment with new and better units (see previous post).

Following this work, we will be proceeding to our Wickenburg gateway to replace the link radio that feeds Skip-In Ranch. Since this is a redundant link that serves the entire network, subscribers of our Skip-In Ranch, Morristown, Castle Hot Springs, and 251st Avenue towers may experience several micro-outages of 20 seconds or so, as established traffic automatically reroutes to flow through the Mockingbird Tower link; subscribers of Mockingbird and Rio Vista towers should not be affected.

Backbone Speeds and Rio Vista Upgrades

Our consultant in Latvia did a dynamite job last week on our long-link radios. They’re now operating at a comfortable multiple of the new gateway speed on order from CenturyLink. (We still have a final link radio to replace on our downtown Wickenburg gateway tower to obtain an even stronger link, and we hope to be able to complete that task this coming weekend.)

The next set of equipment planned for some upgrade lovin’ is the Rio Vista Hills service tower. Continue reading