Maintenance tonight, 10PM

Grand Avenue Broadband has engaged the services of a Latvian networking consultant—an expert on the MikroTik networking equipment we use—to perform a hands-on review of our network equipment and configuration, to the end of helping us achieve the internal speed increases required to accommodate our upcoming fiber upgrade.

Our initial session is scheduled for tonight (Monday, August 31) at 10 PM Arizona time. This analysis may result in several brief (1-5 minute) disruptions affecting arbitrary regions of our network, though we will attempt to prevent such interruptions while minimizing those that do occur.

Please bear with us as we do the hard work necessary to improve our service levels for a speedier future. Thank you for using Grand Avenue Broadband.

Construction-related congestion

As you know if you have been keeping up with this blog, we have a new fiber circuit on order from CenturyLink that will double the bandwidth at our Wickenburg gateway to the Internet. While we’re awaiting that installation, we have been planning ahead to ensure that we will be able to distribute this new bandwidth evenly across our entire network without artificial bottlenecks.

Late this week, in preparation, we replaced several of the radios driving our long links between Morristown and Wickenburg with new and faster units. The new radio links are now operating at multiples of the speed of the old, and well over the speeds necessary to distribute the new bandwidth clear to Circle City.

However, despite the speed of the new radio links themselves, the effect on our overall speed on the Morristown side of our network seems to have been negative. We’re extremely concerned (and puzzled) by this result. Although we’ve been able to make a number of tuning changes to evade the worst of these performance issues, we haven’t yet identified an underlying cause.

We’re continuing to work this problem over the weekend, with consulting help as available, as long as necessary to ensure that this temporary disruption is solved expeditiously. We apologize for a less than seamless enhancement experience, and look forward to being able to deliver our upcoming bandwidth increase to you as efficiently as possible.

Higher! Faster!

(This bulletin is for all subscribers; a specific addendum for Mockingbird Central subscribers appears at the end.)

We spent this weekend erecting a brand new mast in downtown Wickenburg. But this one isn’t a radio mast — it’s an aerial attachment mast for a CenturyLink fiber circuit (the second fiber circuit in all of Wickenburg, we’ve been told), one that’s going to play an important part in providing you faster service. Continue reading