Signal Tour Complete

The Mockingbird West and Morristown East towers have been complaint-free for nearly a month now; and with today’s elevation and realignment (and, in one case, physical draining and drying!) of the equipment installed at our last remaining problematic subscribers of Rio Vista tower, we are officially calling a successful close to our Great Subscriber Signal Tour of 2015.

Ever mindful of the embarrassing dangers of prematurely hoisting the “Mission Accomplished” banner, we will continue to monitor subscriber connection dropouts to shortstop individual subscriber signal problems as they may occur.

Thank you for choosing Grand Avenue Broadband. Your commitment and support means everything to our business.

Improvements Continue…

Now that the Mockingbird West tower trouble board has been green and silent for about a week, and with the interruptions on the Morristown East tower greatly reduced as of yesterday, our next goal is to improve performance at Rio Vista. We’re seeing a reduction in signal levels from all tower users, which may indicate a central tower problem.

We’ll be taking the Rio Vista Tower off-line for a few hours tonight at midnight, in order to attempt to analyze the source of the problem and plan remedial action.