Keep it clean, folks!

CybervirusWe received a note today from CenturyLink (our gateway provider) complaining that one or more of our subscribers’ PCs are infected with the “Asprox” bot virus, and are generating traffic off-net designed to infect other users.

Since all but a few of our subscribers are anonymized at the gateway portal, identifying the articular infected subscriber is extremely labor-intensive. Asprox is typically spread by official-looking notices about court dates, traffic or toll fines, internet voice or fax messages, and the like. If you tried to open the attachment on one of these, chances are the problem is your PC. (Asprox doesn’t infect Macs.)

Instead, we’re posting this note to ask all our subscribers Continue reading

Robust or Bust!

Last Friday, we completed the upgrade of Castle Hot Springs tower, activating the redundant transmission link between that tower and 251st Avenue. All subscribers on our network are now immune to the failure of any single transmission link.

In conjunction with grounding improvements at Mockingbird Tower, which has eliminated our “every three months” radio replacement problem there, and the recent power supply upgrade and firewall review at our Wickenburg gateway, our network is now exhibiting higher reliability than ever before.

Thank you for continuing to allow us to be your broadband services provider.