Dodging Thor’s Hammer

Talk about timing!hammerdodge

Last night’s storm activity blacked out Morristown from Circle City roughly out to the rest area, from just after midnight to just before 8 AM. The blanket power failure took down our Morristown, 251st Avenue, Castle Hot Springs, and Circle City towers, our operations center, and both eastern gateways, leaving only the Wickenburg gateway and our towers west of the rest stop operational.

Last week, that would have shut down our subscribers to Skip-In Ranch tower as well, because their traffic had to be routed first through Morristown in order to reach any gateway. But the new direct-to-Wickenburg link we erected just three days ago kept our Skip-In users online and connected through the storm.

New equipment to harden service similarly for our 251st Avenue and Castle Hot Springs subscribers should be arriving this week, as well as spares for critical pieces of equipment.

It’s our baseline goal to be at least as responsive and reliable as the big providers.

Temporary One-Way Traffic

"Bridge Out" signWe were recently informed by Arizona Wifiby, who has been providing bulk bandwidth for our Morristown and Circle City internet gateways for the past year, that they have decided to terminate service to us as of August 1.

What does this mean to you as a subscriber? A year ago, it would have meant the total termination of your internet service. Today, you probably wouldn’t even suspect it if we hadn’t told you about it. Continue reading

Let’s Do The Twist

Our workday started off today with outage notification voice-mails from many far-west Wickenburg subscribers. A quick check of our far-west tower radio showed it operating normally, and other subscribers in the area were operating just fine. Though unlikely, we had to conclude that something had affected all the individual subscriber radios simultaneously.

When we drove out to the west end of town, the cause of those outages was immediately apparent to us.  Continue reading