Fixing Our Far West Wickenburg Service Issues

For the past week or so, WIckenburg subscribers west of Country Club have been experiencing extreme slowdowns and service outages. We have been working on the problem for several days, making configuration improvements and uncovering and reporting various manufacturer firmware bugs, but our efforts had no effect on the speed problems we were seeing on the network.

Today, we were able to schedule the prompt attentions of MikroTik consultant Butch Evans, who carefully combed through our configuration looking for the cause of the slowdown. His conclusion: we are seeing noise (interference) problems of a sort that don’t show up in the usual meters. Continue reading

Heartbleed and You

heartbleed logoThe “Heartbleed” internet bug has been all over the news this week.  In brief, the bug allows crackers to fetch arbitrary memory regions from sites using secure transmission protocols, which can then be examined for nuggets of valuable secure information such as encryption keys or credit card numbers. This “xkcd” cartoon explains about as clearly as possible what the bug actually is and how crackers could use it.

I thought it worthwhile to write a few words to our own subscribers explaining what the bug means to you, and what, if anything, you should do about it.

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