Welcome Back, 251st Avenue!

This past Thursday, we completed a project to bring our 251st Avenue subscribers “back into the fold” to provide them with all the speeds, capabilities, and diagnostic support that we offer our other subscribers.

When we first started operation back in 2007, we served subscribers in the 251st Avenue neighborhood directly from our Morristown tower.  As subscribers increased in that neighborhood and as we expanded service to Circle City, we installed a rudimentary tower, with a hop-link between that tower and our Morristown tower, and another hop-link between 251st and Circle City to feed service to a new Circle City tower.

Within a year, however, the Morristown-251st link was in trouble. A new source of radio interference in our frequency band had been introduced onto the commercial tower across from the Post Office, only a few degrees off our direct transmission line, destroying our ability to keep our communication link up and running.

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