Now: Circle City to Wickenburg Service

Today we’re happy to announce that with the commissioning of our newest service tower on the 288th Avenue alignment, we can now serve residences continuously along a 13-mile strip of US 60 between Circle City and West Wickenburg. This includes service a fair way up Castle Hot Springs Road in Morristown, plus service to many of the currently unserved “upper regions” on Wickenburg’s south side such as Turtleback Mountain and County Line Road.

Our thanks go out to all the friendly people of Morristown and Wickenburg who have made Grand Avenue Broadband such a successful internet provider.

Hearing your hotspot customers

“For many years our powerful radio receivers have been picking up radio transmissions from your planet, and we have studied them and have learned your language… Little Orphan Annie, BBC, Radio Free Transylvania, Buck Rogers, Radio Moscow, the works. Though you apparently have received none of our answering broadcasts, undoubtedly because of the inferiority of your receivers.”

That’s Harry Harrison, poking gentle fun at the scientific illiteracy of certain pulp-age science fiction writers in his comic novel, Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers.

To boast about “powerful” radio receivers is like saying someone with great hearing “listens really loud.”

What makes a radio receiver good is not power but subtlety. Sensitivity allows the receiver to hear weaker, further-off signals; discrimination allows it to filter out background noise and competing signals, giving you good, clean information.

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